Used Transmissions


High-Quality Used Transmissions

Don't take a chance on spending a ton of money on a new transmission that may not be exactly what your vehicle needs. At Harold's Used Cars & Parts, it is our goal to help you track down the right transmission. We are a locally owned and operated business.

Get Back on the Road With a Quality Transmission 

All of our transmissions are run through a rigorous quality control process that includes: 
  • Draining the fluids
  • Removing the filter, checking for signs of damage
  • Ensuring capability to go into all gears
  • Inspection of all nonremovable plugs and sensors
  • Thorough cleaning to ensure no further damage

Dependable Transmissions for All Makes and Models

Whether you have to replace your standard or automatic transmission on your vehicle, get in touch with us. You will find the highest-quality used transmissions at AFFORDABLE prices. We are a family-owned and operated business. Call us today at 512-259-0525.
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